Connection in the Now

Do you know that warm connected, feeling when your mind, will and heart, the inside and the outside world are just all in the same vibration?

That you look at the other, and you see yourself, and experience that it’s all okay. Differences in culture, language, opinions melt away. You feel connected with the essence of Being human connected with all humanity in the World.

This experience we practice with the Golden Sun ceremony.

Please feel invited to join us!

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The Project

The project

The Golden Sun is an Artwork developped by Froukje Riemersma from the Netherlands. This beautiful artwork is a puzzle containing 52 pieces. It travels all over the world, to practice respect and understanding and to feed the seed of peace.

You can’t buy or sell peace. It’s an inner state, from which you can decide to act or not. It’s freely available for everyone in the world. Talking about peace is a good step forward. But DOING peace gives directly a big change in perspective.

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The Ceremony

The Ceremony

The Golden Sun is a puzzle of 52 pieces. The first Golden Sun is made of Ashwood, covered with gold leave. It is 3 mt wide and laying on a red cloth of 9 by 9 mt. It is connected to all the countries in the European Continent. It can be used for ceremonies and Art-exhibitions were the public can create the Golden Sun.

The second, light weight Golden Sun travels in two suitcases all around the world. It is made of birchwood and gold leave and has two different cloths: one ‘silvermoon cloth’ and a ‘rainbow cloth’. It depends on the intent of the ceremony which cloth will be used.  The light weight Sun has a diameter of 4mt. The needed space is at least 7,5 mt or 8 mt (10mt is relaxed).

All the pieces are embroidered on the cloths and the Sun appears in a left- turning spiral.

The ceremony starts with an introduction and short explanation. Then people are invited to ‘enter the field of the Art work’. They sit or stand in front of a puzzle piece, which are laying in a square or circle (depending on the space). The intention of the group/ organizers creates the content of the ceremony.
For example:

Golden Sun Ceremony for Europe, or other continent:
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Ceremony for a company, school of community:
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Ceremony for the heart:
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Depending on what the organizers of the country, company and so on want to give attention, one can also make the connection with all other States or Countries in the continent. Organisers are invited to think creative about the content of their own ceremony.

Please get in touch with to talk about the possibilities.

Connection to the World

Connection to the world

When the ceremony of the Golden Sun is connected to the continent Europe, the 51 puzzle pieces are connected to the European countries and puzzle piece 52 is connected to the Seven continents. On that piece lies a bundle, containing crystals in the shape of the seven continents. In time all crystals will be placed on the continents, all over the world.

Some are already placed:
The crystal of Africa is placed in South Africa at the Compass Mountain.
The one of North America is placed at the Prophecy Rock at … on invitation of the Hopi tribe.
The crystal of Europe is placed at the foot of the Beluga Mountain.


Participation & Schedule

Das Paradies im WolversdalJune 21th, 2020 noon-1 p.m.Summer Solstice. Ceremony is done with the 52 Words of the Heart. Please join on distance! More info on this website: ‘The Ceremony’, ‘Ceremony of the Heart’.

Want to organize a ceremony?
If you want to organize a ceremony in your country, school or company and so on, please mail Froukje Riemersma.

Want to join a ceremony?
You are very welcome, young and old may join. Admission is free. There is a possibility to give a donation.
Please have a look at the schedule for the next ceremony and contact the organiser if mentioned, or mail Froukje Riemersma.

Want to join a pelgrimage (if provided)?
Hier you see the program of the pelgrimage to Greece (in dutch), may 2019. It is an example how it can be.
For more information, please mail Froukje Riemersma.

Do you want to help the project?
Help in any form is always welcome. Please contact Froukje Riemersma.

Mailadress Froukje



The peace project the Golden Sun is financed by personal means of Froukje Riemersma. If you want to support her and her team of volunteers, please get in touch: or donate on: NL07 TRIO 0784 6987 75, in name of ‘Artproject F. Riemersma’.

On every ceremony there are possibilities to donate.
Travelling to European countries and other continents, is mostly financed by organizing a pilgrimage. People can participate in the pilgrimage, which is a nice way to support the project financially.
For ceremonies in schools, cultural programs or companies, travelcosts and a reasonable amount is agreed with the organizor, depending on the situation.
Next to financial support of the ceremonies, donations are very welcome to cover costs for the website, materials, and so on.
Thank you very much in advance.



In our webshop, we sell beautiful products of The Golden Sun.

The pendants are handmade by the Italian artist Andrea Agate. The material is hand forged brass and gold plated with 0,5 microgram gold. Backside has a little eye.

The Golden Sun
5 cm diameter: €84,95
3,5 cm diameter: €59,95
2,5 cm diameter: €44,95

The Connection
3,5 cm diameter: €74,95

Ceremonial Golden Sun
13 cm diameter: €265
Other sizes available on request.

All prices are inclusive 21% tax

Please mail

History of The Golden Sun

The Origin and Development of the project The Golden Sun

Froukje Riemersma, visual artist and spiritual coach in Zeist, the Netherlands, makes installations and projects which deal with connection between people.

In 2014, Froukjeje has initiated the project The Golden Sun. With the help of many people, it has embodied and evolves until the day of today. This document explains the origin and development of the Golden Sun from the beginning in 2014. Read more…

News & Media

The latest news

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