Do you know the feeling of connection? That warm, free sensation of unconditional love? That feeling of power and relaxation, that deep calm awareness that you are all right? In connection, differences and time melt away. You and the other are one, now. And all those differences you judged, suddenly are just expression of beauty. Connection brings PEACE.


The Project

The project The Golden Sun is about connection, and peace. Connection between you and yourself, you and your neighbour, you and all those different and authentic cultures in the 51 countries of Europe. The Golden Sun wants to let grow that mighty experience of connection in Europe. So judgement and emotional borders melt away and respect, understanding and peace can bloom all over our inspiring continent.

Traveling Ceremony

To let connection grow in Europe, a mobile art work is developed by visual artist Frouk Riemersma; the traveling ceremony The Golden Sun. This ceremony invites people to practice connection, non-judgement, understanding and respect.

The Ceremony is performed around a large wooden disc covered with gold leaf (or light weight fabric). The wooden disc consists of 52 pieces that fit together like the pieces of a puzzle. 51 Pieces represent the countries in Europe, the 52th piece connects Europe with the other 6 continents of our world. Together all pieces form The Golden Sun. 51 Participants join the ceremony.

The sun symbolises the seed of peace. Gold stands for the awakening consciousness, the heart with no personal judgement.

During and after the ceremony many people feel warmth. By ‘traveling’ through the European countries, people experience the fascinating diversity in Europe. They feel beauty  instead of fear and they reinforce their intention of unity. People feel able to create peace NOW. Peace that is free and available every moment. Participants feel strong power that last for a long time.

Since the end of 2015, the Ceremony already travelled through the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Germany and Spain. In 2018, Bosnia Herzegovina and Russia are planned.

The project The Golden Sun has no economic or political base. It can only travel on the intention of peoples heart.

The project The Golden Sun is only the way to the real art work: the warmth that arises because we connect in respect and understaning. The gold of the soul that wakes up and beams all over Europe and the World. The real art work is Peace.

Details about the Ceremony


Connection to the World

On puzzle piece 52 lies a sacred bundle containing crystals and stones. For every continent of the World, a crystal is made and will be placed in that continent. In return, stones from the continents will be kept in the bundle, travelling with The Golden Sun Ceremony. The crystal of Africa has already been placed in the dessert of the Great Karoo, near the Compass Mountain in South Africa. The crystal of North America has been placed at the powerplace Prophecy Rock, on invitation of the Hopi tribe. In time, all crystals will be placed in the continents and the bundle will contain 7 stones of those continents.
The names of the continents are: Europe, Asia, Oceania, Antarctica, Africa, North America and South America. All continents lie in a round bed of water, deeply connected to each other. Like every human being is born out of the round shape of water.

Golden Sun Europe

Since connection and peace grow, The Golden Sun wants to ‘plant the seed of peace’ in a more permanent Art work. It will be named Golden Sun Europe and will be build somewhere in Europe.

In this art work, all European countries will be represented in a glass/ art window. Those windows will create a centre for all 51 countries and will be made by artists from the specific countries.

In Golden Sun Europe, once a year, representatives from the 51 countries will gather and perform ceremonies and cultural sharing to let grow respect, understanding and peace. During the rest of the year Golden Sun Europe is open for public from all over the World.

Participation & Schedule

Bosnië HerzegovinaVisokoZonnewende /Solstice Festival near the pyramides2018, Thursday June 21th
RussiaAnastasia VillageRetreat Centre of Ahamkara, Altai 2018, Saturday July 28thSiberianretreat
RussiaBeluga Mountain Altai2018, augustPlacing the Crystal of Europe

You are very welcome, young and old may join. Please have a look in the schedule for the next ceremony and contact the organiser mentioned in the schedule. Admission is free.

That would be very nice! Please have a look at ‘Traveling Ceremony’ to see what is needed, and contact Frouk Riemersma.

Your skills might be very helpful. Please have a look at ‘Vacancies’.

Here you can read how Dorte Jørck-Ramberg experienced the organisation of the Art Ceremony The Golden Sun in Sweden, August 2016.

Here you can find an invitation letter for all European countries, that helps you to organize your ceremony.


Being welcome is free. We ask no admission to join a ceremony.

Nevertheless, money is needed to cover the costs of travelling, materials, communication. All activities of project The Golden Sun are done by volunteers. Your contribution in any form, big or small, helps the project and will be much appreciated. All incomes from donations will be used for the continuity of the project The Golden Sun. The project The Golden Sun is managed by Foundation Temple Europe, that is responsible for all finances.


  • On every ceremony, there will be opportunity to donate.
  • You can donate on our bank account number NL88 TRIO 0390 9437 62, BIC code: TRIONL2U, in the name of Temple Europe Foundation (Zeist, the Netherlands).
  • You can also download an authorization form to realise your one-time or recurring donation. Please print the form, fill it in and scan it. You can send it to
  • Or use the paying button below.


Foundation Temple Europe (Stichting Tempel Europa) has ANBI or Charity Status for Dutch taxpayers. In Dutch, ANBI means ‘Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling. ANBI or Charity status means that gifts to an ANBI can deduct the gift value from their income or corporation tax, or tax can be reclaimed as gift aid by the ANBI. To allow tax deductibility of gift aid of recurrent donations, the donor and the ANBI need to sign an agreement.

Charity Status also means that the Foundation has to full-fill the strong requirements of the Dutch Tax Department, such as: no salary for the Board Members, expenses only for activities of the Foundation, and yearly render account of the costs and incomes on the website. This information might help you to realise that your national laws may support your giving through tax compensations, and does not constitute legal advice.

Thank you very much in advance for your financial support!

Your donation

Personal Info



In our webshop, we sell our beautiful pendants of The Golden Sun. They are handmade by the Italian artist Andrea Agate. The material is hand forged brass and gold plated with 0,5 microgram gold. Backside has a little eye.

Sizes and prizes:
5 cm diameter: €84,95
3,5 cm diameter: €59,95
2,5 cm diameter: €44,95
Prices are inclusive 21% tax

Temple Europe Foundation

The project “The Golden Sun” started in 2015 and is initiated by visual artist Frouk Riemersma. Temple Europe Foundation (Zeist, the Netherlands, 2015) is founded to facilitate and manage all organisation and finances around the project The Golden Sun.

The mission of Temple Europe Foundation is to let connection grow by the traveling ceremony, and ‘to plant the seed of peace’ in a more permanent Art work, named Golden Sun Europe, located somewhere in Europe in nearby future. The ‘seed of peace’ is symbolised in the puzzle The Golden Sun.

Temple Europe Foundation has ANBI-status, or charity status for Dutch taxpayers. More information, see ‘Donations’.

President: Drs Peter Pieterson
Treasurer: Onno Jonker
Secretary: Anita Stellaard
Member: Klaaseric Cuperus
Member: Frouk Riemersma

Here you can find the Financial Reports of Temple Europe Foundation: 2015, 2016.
Here you can find the Policy Plan of Temple Europe Foundation: 2018.

The Art Work Group meets every month and work out all activities of the project The Golden Sun. Members: Joost Nijhof, Ariane Miller, Wilma Brouwer, Evert Hoefman, Hildegard Boender, Angelique de Ru, Peter Pieterson, Ineke van Echtelt, Frouk Riemersma.

News & Media

Movie of the Ceremony The Golden Sun, Katwijk aan Zee, the Netherlands, April 10th

Reading Sufi Temple: About the origin of the Golden Sun


The Golden Sun in Rome

Newsletter The Golden Sun in Rome

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Do you want to be volunteer and help the organisation of The Golden Sun? You skills might be very helpful. We can use people to manage the following subjects: marketing, public relations, fundraising, benefactors and others. It will be helpful if you speak English and/or Dutch and live in the Netherlands (we meet on a monthly base in Zeist). Please contact the president of the committee.


Costerlaan 20
3701 JM Zeist, the Netherlands

President: Drs Peter Pieterson
Telephone: +31 (0) 621 603 212

Treasurer: Onno Jonker

Frouk Riemersma
Telephone: +31 (0) 627 371 808

Bankaccount: NL88 TRIO 0390 9437 62
(BIC code: TRIONL2U, in the name of Stichting Tempel Europa, the Netherlands, Zeist)
Chamber of Commerce (NL): 63484323


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