Newsletter June 2017

Newsletter 2017 June

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With thanks to the people who made it possible that I could give the workshop “Inner Journey in the seven layers of consciousness”. Because of that, I was able to bury the crystal of the Continent Africa in the soil of the birthplace of humankind. The seven days before were a fantastic preparation. From now on the sacred bundle with the Crystal Continents, which travels with the Golden Sun, will have one image of Africa in stone. It was laying on the place were the crystal is buried. Protected by the Gnoes; the Wildebeest. And connected with the strong vortex near the Compass Mountain.
What a blessing! Thank you all for making this possible.
The continent North America will follow in July 2017.

The Golden Sun in Zeist

Zondag 12 maart was De Gouden Zon in Zeist. Lees verder in het artikel…

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