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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHow do we exercise unprejudiced thinking, while keeping our own identity?

The Continent Europe is a fascinating and beautiful patchwork of many different cultures, languages, traditions and geographical landscapes. It is much larger than the EU and combines much more countries! Her enormous diversity carries a deep historical and cultural richness.

With all these differences, it is quite a challenge to live peacefully together while keeping everybody’s identity. For politicians and trade people but also for inhabitants and guests, it requires good communication to bring different views in a fruitful cooperation.

To create respect and understanding and to practice unprejudiced thinking, we need to approach each other from the perspective of the heart and to take our personal responsibility for what we say and stand for. Because on the level of the heart, we are all equally connected as human beings. Also knowledge about cultural, geographical or social aspects of the unknown countries helps. It widens our perspective, and gives a deeper and healthier fundament for communication.

Only then, there will be breathing-space for every living being. And we can give each other hands and work together in harmony, without losing our own identity.


Everyone in Europe can practice this conscious way of connection to advance a living peace in the continent Europe. Art is one medium that can be very helpful in this connection, as it can be free of social, political and religious structures. The Golden Sun is an Art project that wants to bring people together on the level of the heart. It wants to show the richness of the European countries and bring attention and consciousness in the connection of all European inhabitants and guests, in a way that it will feed the seed of Peace!


The Voyage of the Golden Sun

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Dutch artist Frouk Riemersma was inspired to create a mobile work of art and a traveling  performance, together called ‘The Golden Sun’. The Golden Sun has been created in order to invite people to practice respect and understanding between the 51 geographic countries in the Continent of Europe.

The performance of The Golden Sun is performed around a large ash wood disc covered with gold leaf, consisting of 52 pieces that fit together like the pieces of a puzzle. 51 Pieces represent the countries in Europe, the 52th piece connects Europe with the other 6 continents. The ash tree is connected with the German Igdrassil who connects the under, upper and middle world and is also called ‘the tree of the sun’. Gold is the symbol of the awaken consciousness.

The art performance The Golden Sun will be organized in all European countries.

The Performance

Each performance will have the following gradient:
– Opening by organizers of the country where the Ceremony takes place.
– Introduction by Frouk Riemersma.
– Explanation.
– Performance/ Ceremony.
– Drinks and exchange of experience.


The organizers of the Ceremony in the specific country will have gathered 51 representatives (or as much as possible). Within two weeks before the performance takes place, all representatives are being asked to connect themselves with one of the European Countries. Each representative will pick one specific theme of the chosen (of given) country. We try to practice non judgement, so we intent not to say something about the country that is good or wrong, but we intent to share

our deep connection/admiration to that country, or a description of nature, or a cultural, social or geological aspect we feel attracted to. Please study a little bit and find words for your fascinating aspects of that country. During the performance, he or she will speak 4 or 5 phrases about this connection (30 seconds).

To be a representative of a country, you don’t have to be an inhabitant of that country. Maybe it’s even the first time in your life that you hear about this specific country.


The performance

Before the Performance takes place, a carpet of 12 by 12 meters (depending on the available space) is spread out on the ground (9 meters will be used, the rest will cover chairs or meditation cushions).

In the centre of the carpet, the outer lines of all 51 pieces of the Golden Sun are embroidered with gold thread. Around this centre, all wooden pieces of the Golden Sun are lying in a square. Around the square, the representatives are sitting behind their piece. The pieces are numbered in a way that the first will be put in the very middle, and from that point a spiral forms till the outside is closed.

detail-borduurwerkwebDuring the performance/ ceremony one by one, the participants stand up, pick the piece in front of him/her and says ‘I am …… (personal name).’ He or she mentions the represented country and shares his or her admiration or fascination for that country. For example ‘I am Frouk. I am representing The Netherlands. I think it’s fascinating that people in the Netherlands are living 6,5 metres under sea-level, without fear of drowning.’ Then Frouk puts her piece on the right spot in The Golden Sun. With every piece, the Golden Sun appears spiraling during this personal travel through all European countries.

When the Golden Sun is round, we give each other a hand and melt all the unprejudiced intentions to one pillar of conscious light and spread it all over Europa and the world. And we thank each other.


When and where

SpainEls Poblet, next to Denia (1 hour in between Valencia and Alicante)Merdendero Park2017, Sunday April 30Ceremony from 12.00 till 14.00
Walk-in from 11:30
Paella from 14.00.

Quite a few performances has been passed already. And every performance more people become enthousiastic and join! In 2016 the first performances took place in the Netherlands (Breda, Amersfoort, Austerlitz, Katwijk aan Zee). Followed by Italy (Rome), Sweden (Markaryd), Germany (Schwartzwald) and the Netherlands again (Zeewolde, Amsterdam).
Please feel free to join too!

Do you want to join a performance?

If you want to join the performance in Spain, Denia (between Alicante and Valencia), please contact Mariëlle van Eeden, (

Would you like to organize a performance?

If you want to organize a performance in one of the European countries, please contact Frouk Riemersma (

Here you can read how Dorte Jørck-Ramberg experienced the organisation of The Golden Sun in Sweden, August 2016.

Een heel aantal performances zijn al gerealiseerd. En bij iedere performance worden mensen enthousiaster en doen meer mensen mee. In 2016 vonden de eerste performances plaats in Nederland (Amersfoort, Austerlitz, Katwijk aan Zee). Gevolgd door Italie (Rome),  Zweden (Markaryd), Duitsland (Schwartzwald) en opnieuw in Nederland (Zeewolde, Amsterdam). Voel je alsjeblieft vrij om ook deel te nemen!

Wil je meedoen in een performance?

Als je wilt deelnemen aan de performance in Spanje, Denia (between Alicante and Valencia), meld je dan alsjeblieft aan bij Mariëlle van Eeden, (

Wil je een performance organiseren?

Als je een performance wilt organiseren in een van de Europese landen, meld je dan alsjeblieft aan bij Frouk Riemersma (

Hier kun je lezen hoe Dorte Jørck-Ramberg de organisatie van De Gouden Zon in Zweden, Augustus 2016, heeft ervaren.


In our webshop, some beautiful art pieces specially designed for the project The Golden Sun, are for sale.

Pendants of the Golden Sun


The pendants are handmade by the Italian artist Andrea Agate. The material is hand forged brass and gold plated with 0,5 microgram gold. Backside has a little eye.
Sizes and prizes: 5cm (€69,95), 3,5 cm (€49,95), 2,5 cm (€39,95).

Hangers van de Gouden Zon
De hangers zijn handgemaakt door de Italiaanse kunstenaar Andrea Agate Bolsena. Het materiaal is handgeklopt geel koper met 0,5 microgram bladgoud. Er zijn twee types bewerking: puntjes (eerste foto) en deukjes (tweede foto). De achterzijde heeft een oogje.
Maten en prijzen: 5cm (€69,95), 3,5 cm (€49,95), 2,5 cm (€39,95).

Icons of the Golden Sun

icoon1  icoon2  icoon3

Icones of the Golden Sun
The icons are handmade by Frouk Riemersma. They are made of different types of wood and covered with gold plate.
Sizes and prices:
Icone 1 (round): 45 cm, ash wood with goldleaf, €695,-
Icone 2 (starshape): 36 cm, birch wood with goldleaf, €595,-
Icone 3 (puzzle pieces): 28 cm, ash wood with goldleaf, €395,-

Iconen van de Gouden Zon
De iconen zijn handgemaakt door Frouk Riemersma. Ze zijn gemaakt van verschillende houtsoorten en bedekt met bladgoud.

Maten en prijzen:
Icoon 1 (rond): 45 cm, essenhout met bladgoud, €695,-
Icoon 2 (stervormig): 36 cm, berkenhout met bladgoud, €595,-
Icoon 3 (puzzelstukken): 28 cm, essenhout met bladgoud, €395,-

Placing an order
Please send an email to Peter Pieterson in which you describe the article you wish (name of the article, size, price) and your name, telephone and adress. Please wait for confirmation that your article is available. After the confirmation, you can deposit the amount on the following bank account: NL88 TRIO 0390 9437 62, BIC code: TRIONL2U, in the name of Temple Europe Foundation (Zeist, the Netherlands). And the article will be sent to you.

Het plaatsen van een order
Stuurt u alstublieft een mail naar Peter Pieterson, waarin u de naam van het gewenste artikel beschrijft (naam van het artikel, maat, prijs) en uw naam, telefoon en adres. Wacht alstublieft op de bevestiging dat uw artikel er is. Maak daarna uw bedrag over naar
het volgende bankrekeningnummer: NL88 TRIO 0390 9437 62, BIC code: TRIONL2U, ten name van Stichting Tempel Europa (Zeist, Nederland).


All activities of the project The Golden Sun for Peace in Europa is done by volunteers. To cover the costs of materials, travelling, communication, a lot of money is needed. Your contribution in any form will be much appreciated. All incomes from donations, will be used for the continuity of The Golden Sun. Thank you very much in advance.

* Please use the following bank account for your donation: NL88 TRIO 0390 9437 62, BIC code: TRIONL2U, in the name of Temple Europe Foundation (Zeist, the Netherlands).
* You can also downlaod a permission form. Please print the form, fill it in and scan it. You can send it to
* Or use the button below.
Thank you!

Alle activiteiten voor het project De Gouden Zon voor Vrede in Europa is gedaan door vrijwilligers. Om de kosten voor materialen, reizen, communicatie te dekken, is veel geld nodig. Uw bijdrage in welke vorm dan ook wordt zeer gewaardeerd. Alle inkomsten vanuit donaties zal gebruikt worden voor de continuïteit van het project. Bij voorbaat hartlelijk dank.

* Gebruikt u alstublieft het volgende bankrekeningnummer voor uw donatie: NL88 TRIO 0390 9437 62, BIC code: TRIONL2U, ten name van Stichting Tempel Europa (Zeist, Nederland).
* U kunt ook een machtigingsformulier downloaden. Print het alstublieft uit, vul het in en stuur het op naar
* Of gebruik de betalingswijze hieronder aangegeven.
Dank u wel!

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Art work group
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Photographer: Pieter van den Boogert en vele anderen


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Temple Europe Foundation

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Goal: To practice and feed the seed of peace in the continent Europe.

The traveling performance The Golden Sun will come to all the European countries and finally find a good place to be rooted permanently in the name of Temple Europe. A place where people will exercise connection, understanding and peace with each other every year.

The foundation is organizing all the contacts in the Continent Europe for the performance The Golden Sun. Managing the financial resources, and to realize the construction of Temple Europe.


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